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About Us - Our Bios

Melissa Brothers

Melissa is the President and Owner of Train 2 Retain Resources, LLC. She was an employee of the Kentucky Environmental Protection Agency for 22 years. The last sixteen years, she served as staff in the Kentucky Operator Certification Program. Following her retirement from state government, Melissa served for five years as Executive Director of a non-profit operators' association dedicated to helping operators meet their training and continuing education goals. She also served as Marketing and Sales Director of an online continuing education training company for 1 1/2 years before deciding to finally pursue a long-standing dream of developing her own company with the goal of helping individuals effectively study and prepare for state certification examinations and assist future generations of operators in establishing their careers. Melissa also serves as a member of the ABC continuing education review committee as a subject matter expert. Melissa believes that by providing online study materials and unlimited practice exam opportunities, students will be more prepared to attend classroom certification study courses and/or more comfortable in the exam taking process since practice makes perfect. Melissa often says that for her, helping students reach their goals of certification isn't just a job, it is a passion.

Laurie Berry

Laurie is retired from her 27 year career with a Kentucky city municipality. Laurie holds a Kentucky Class IV Wastewater Treatment Certification and a Class II Pretreatment Certification with KY/TN Water Environment Association. Laurie has been involved with an operator's association serving on both local chapter and state boards and understands operator needs for continuing education first hand, both from the operator standpoint and the certification board aspect. She has written and performed training for operators through this organization. Laurie started her career as a Laboratory Technician with a midsize municipality and during her tenure was involved with many aspects of the operation. Laurie has always felt that every aspect of a wastewater treatment operation plays a vital role in the overall efficiency of the operation. Operators should have training that involves all aspects of the treatment operation. As an operator who has taken certification exams, Laurie desires to share knowledge with students so that they may not only pass a test but use the information in their day to day job duties to understand how and why they impact the operation with what they do. Train 2 Retain is designed so that the student gains knowledge and develops confidence needed to take a wastewater examination and pass thus achieving success both on a personal and professional level. Laurie just received the Steve Crosman Award for Environmental Professionalism.

Erin Rhody

Erin is a math teacher at Anderson County High School in Lawrenceburg, KY. She has taught there for thirteen years and currently serves as chair of the math department. Erin earned a B.S. in Math and Physical Science from Western Kentucky University and a M.Ed. in School Administration from the University of Kentucky. She also completed a Rank 1 certification in integrating economics into the math curriculum. Erin has extensive training in multiple intelligences, differentiated instruction, classroom management techniques, and math instructional strategies. She is excited about the opportunity to help adults learn and apply math concepts to the real world, in areas that interest them.

Kentucky Rural Water Association

The Surface Water Treatment Courses are a cooperative effort between Train 2 Retain Resources, LLC and the Kentucky Rural Water Association (KRWA). As a course developer, KRWA staff has decades of experience assisting water professionals with their training and educational needs. Train 2 Retain Resources, as course administrator, has many years of experience in the operator training and certification field, making these courses a must for any surface water treatment professional seeking assistance with exam preparation or continuing education training. For more information regarding KRWA, please visit their website at KRWA.Org

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