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About Us - Our Approach

Our Philosophy

All of the people affiliated with Train 2 Retain Resources are either operators themselves, have worked for many years in state certification and training programs, or both. Our people have worked with thousands of students within the water and wastewater industry. Because of our vast experience in helping individuals achieve their certification goals, we understand the need for a common-sense, convenient, affordable approach to preparing for certification exams.

Study Courses

Most students enter the "study phase" of preparing for certification exams without an understanding of how they learn. Immediately upon registration, our students complete a "learning style quiz" designed to help them understand how they learn, and offer suggestions to improve retention of information in an effort to make our students more effective in their examination preparation. We understand that preparing for a certification examination can be a stressful experience and attempt to make our students more comfortable with the process.

Our courses are broken into individual subject chapters, including review material at the end of each chapter with games, and activities that make the learning experience fun. Our students can review chapters as many times as desired over a six-week study period and use the activities and games to help retain important information as they prepare. Because the courses are web-based, students can study at a comfortable pace and at their convenience without having to "cram" for their exams.

Our Practice Exams:

Upon completion of all study chapters included in a course, each student will then have unlimited access to our practice examinations for the remainder of their six-week study period. Our experience is that many students are uncomfortable with the certification examination process. By providing unlimited use of our practice exams, students can prepare for the actual exam experience through repetition. In the case of certification exams, the saying "practice makes perfect" definitely applies.

Our practice exams are designed to immediately score the exam, and provide information regarding "incorrect answers" and suggestions regarding which portions of our study material will assist the student with correctly answering the missed question. Each time the student takes our exam, they will receive a different version of our test. This helps ensure the student isn't just "memorizing" our practice test but is really retaining information and becoming more comfortable with the entire certification study and examination process of taking the test.

Customer Service

Finally, do we think that this alone will ensure a student is 100% prepared for their certification exam? We hope so, but if our students still feel uncomfortable, our training instructors are only an email away and will gladly answer any questions you may have. Taking an online class shouldn't mean "you are on your own." With our classes, you can rest assured there is a person on the other end of the program working to help you. Don't be surprised if you receive an email asking how you are doing with your course work, following up with you to find out if you passed your state exam, or simply asking if there is anything further we can do to help you. Customer service is as much a part of the online learning experience with Train 2 Retain as the course materials and practice exams. Helping people become successful in the water and wastewater industry isn't just a job to us, it's our mission and our passion.

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